New Redskin Mixtape "Big Red" Released

Cabin Games co-founder and artist Redskin is excited to announce the release of his debut mixtape titled “Big Red”. Redskin spits unique rhymes over fourteen classic Biggie Small’s tracks mixed by in-house producer Kjell Nelson showcasing Redskin’s hard-hitting flow. Redskin did not take the challenge of paying homage lightly, attacking each beat with the same calculated force and delivery as the last. The project has been in the works for a lengthy amount of time and includes features by Pez Paradise and Mya Rose. “Big Red” will be released at midnight on September 11, 2014 and will be available for digital download through the official Cabin Games BandCamp and website.

Redskin was previously a part of the Block Burners and is a Tulalip Tribes Member. The “Big Red” album artwork was designed by Native American artist Steven Judd and features an image of Biggie and Redskin together. The mixtape will be the third official release from Cabin Games, an up and coming label from Seattle, Washington.